Billboard Advertising

Offering a cost-effective means to deliver a high-impact advertising message.

Create a high-impact & cost-effective advert!

With the most common sizes being 10ft by 20ft and 10ft by 40ft, your message is guaranteed not to be missed.

Starting from around £500 + VAT, these advertising solutions won’t strain your budget. At Focus Media, we handle all the logistical details for you including design, print and installation if required. For instance, we can provide a comprehensive list of 48 sheet (10ft by 20ft) and 96 sheet (10ft by 40ft) billboard sites within a 10-mile radius of any given postcode. We can even offer insights into the average weekly viewership of each board.

For example if you’ve ever wondered about the cost of a billboard you pass on your way to work, simply let us know, and we’ll check availability to secure the best possible price for you or click the Adplan box below.

10ft by 20ft,
48 Sheet Paper

10ft by 20ft,
48 Sheet Digital.

10ft by 40ft,
96 Sheet Billboard.

Towers & Iconic
Billboard Sites.

Back Lit Vinyl,
48 Sheets.

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Billboard advertising options.

There are multiple formats of billboard advertising options including:

  • 10ft x 20ft – 48 Sheet Billboard Advertising
  • 10ft x 20ft – 48 Sheet Digital Billboard Advertising
  • 10ft x 40ft – 96 Sheet Billboard Advertising
  • 10ft x 40ft – 96 Sheet Digital Billboard Advertising

Most major cities and towns will also have a selection of iconic billboards and digital tower billboard sites.

Send us the postcode you’re interested in and we’ll send you the inventory!