Bus Advertising for Your School

Advertise your School, College or University using affordable and effective bus advertising. Buses reach people other traditional media cannot.

Have you seen bus advertising and wondered how it works?

At Focus Media we offer bus advertisment from just £145+VAT so your school, college or university can be advertised on a bus near you.

Whether you’re aiming to promote an upcoming open evening, showcase GCSE/A-level OFSTED results, or enhance your institution’s visibility, bus advertising proves to be an excellent choice. Operating throughout the UK, we encourage you to reach out to discuss depot locations nearest to you, dates, and availability.

Super Rear

Mega Rear


Super Side

Wrapped Bus

Street Liner

Amazing reach for parents and teens.

With over 40 millions bus journeys made by parents a month you can reach a massive audience.

Every week, 59% of parents are exposed to bus advertising, with 53% of them also being regular bus travelers. About one in every four parents encounters advertising inside buses on a weekly basis. On average, parents utilize buses around 6 times a month, contributing to a total of 40 million bus journeys made by parents each month. In the past week, 66% of individuals aged 15 to 24 have encountered advertising on the exterior of a bus, while teenagers, constituting 25% of this group, utilize buses at a rate 5 times higher per week compared to other age groups.